SYSTEX® is a 3- step polymer concrete deck system that provides a beautiful complement to new or existing pool decks, patios and other concrete decks. Homeowners and businesses can choose from an array of attractive colors, and get polymer durability that stands up to wear and weather for years.
bullet Surface cleans up easily and is resistant to oil and grease stains better than plain concrete.
bullet Has the durability to withstand high heat and freeze/thaw conditions.
bullet Texture gives a great look to otherwise drab or worn concrete.
bullet Systex can be used with stencil and other decorative applications.

Click Image For Colors Available Colors for Systex®.

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Keystone Kool Deck® is a beautiful surface for swimming pool decks, walkways, patios & virtually any foot traffic area. Once applied it generates a colored, textured cement surface that is as strong as the base concrete. Settle for nothing less than the very best.
bullet Significantly lowers the surface temperature of concrete.
bullet Withstands thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete.
bullet Proprietary mixture of natural substances and synthetic iron oxide pigments.
bullet Environmentally safe.
bullet Scrub with soap and water to keep the surface looking great.

Click Image For Colors Available Colors for Kool Deck®.

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