Saltwater chlorination has become a mainstream feature in the United States over the past 10 years.  It is widely preferred because of its ease of maintenance, water quality and ease of algae control.

The benefits of converting to saltwater include:

bullet Extends the life of vinyl liners, and minimizes fading
bullet Eliminates chlorine odors
bullet Simplifies water sanitization
bullet Environmentally safe
bullet Eliminates wild pH swings associated with using other sanitizing chemicals
bullet Produces pure sanitizer with near neutral pH
bullet Eliminates red eyes, itchy skin, hair damage and faded swimsuits caused by chloramines and over-chlorination
bullet No more handling and storing of toxic chemicals
bullet Produces sparkling clean, soft, luxurious water
bullet Inhibits algae growth year round
bullet Automatically "Super Chlorinates" water on a continuous basis - no chloramine buildup
bullet Lower operating costs
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We carry a variety of brands and systems, including
bullet Pool Pilot® Digital by AutoPilot
bullet CoPilot Ozonator 3 by AutoPilot
bullet IntelliChlor® by Pentair
bullet Aqua Rite™ by Hayward™
bullet Aqua Logic™ by Goldline Controls®
bullet Aqua Trol® by Goldline Controls®
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