We sell and install both new and used spas and hot tubs, making the benefits of ownership available even to people with limited budgets.

Why are spas so popular?
People like spas for different reasons. Some families enjoy the spa as a place to gather and play, to communicate and promote togetherness. Others enjoy their spa as a place to relax and unwind. Spas have been proven to reduce stress and tension. Spas promote healing. A spa is a great place to entertain friends at home. Spas have earned a reputation as a romantic place for couples to connect and re-connect. And as an added benefit, a spa will enhance the value of your home.


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What health benefits can I expect from a spa or hot tub?
The National Sleep Foundation finds that soaking in hot water before bedtime can help bring about a good night's sleep.

The Arthritis Foundation supports the use of hot tubs and reports that regular sessions in a spa help keep joints moving, restores strength and flexibility and sooths arthritis pain.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that patients with type 2 diabetes reported reduced blood sugar levels and improved sleep pattern.
In addition to the mental and physical health-related benefits of owning a spa or hot tub, there can also be financial benefits:
Many doctors prescribe warm water therapy (hot tubs) for a variety of ailments, injuries and chronic pain. Hot tubs often qualify for tax deductions when purchased under a doctor's recommendation. Check with your doctor for further information. Also some Insurance companies offer compensation for hot tubs purchased for treating injuries that result from workers' compensation claims.
Most real estate agents acknowledge that homes advertised with a hot tub will generate more inquires and sell more quickly than a similar home without a portable hot tub.
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